We’re so glad you found your way to this page. Since you are here, you are probably interested in the American Mensa chapter in Broward County, Florida.

What is Mensa, you ask? Mensa is an international society of people who score in the top 2% of the population on a standardized IQ test. It is a non-profit society without political or religious affiliations, functioning only to bring intelligent people together. Qualification for membership is determined by Mensa administered tests](http://www.us.mensa.org/join/) or by submission of properly certified prior evidence. If you would like to arrange to take a test locally, please contact our testing coordinator.

With a membership of 400+, Broward Mensa members gather for many recreational, social and intellectually stimulating events each month. We have a number of local SIGs (Special Interest Groups), including the Brunch Bunch, BULL SIG, Meet Greet and Eat, Mensa Night at the Movies, and SIGMA4. Members can use the contact information in the members only section of this site to contact the SIG coordinators for more information.

The BrowBeat is the monthly newsletter that is available by mail or electronic delivery. In the BrowBeat you will find member letters,a calendar of events, Special Interest Group (SIG) news, organization announcements and puzzles.

Sound like something you’d want to be a part of? Then join us! You can meet some of our members at our “Meet, Greet and Eat” events, which are open to prospective members. Check the events calendar to find out where we will meet next. If you have a question for us, don’t be shy - just ask!

Broward Mensa is local group #333 of Region 10 of American Mensa. You can also see our neighbors in Palm Beach Area Mensa and Miami Mensa.