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Maran Serakh will be presenting "Spinning Before the Wheel: Using the Drop Spindle".

From our ancient past through the Renaissance thread and yarn have been produced using variations on the same simple tool - the drop spindle. This workshop will cover a brief history of the drop spindle followed by a demonstration and an opportunity to try it yourself.

Maran first became interested in spinning while watching a demonstration at a Renaissance fair 30 years ago. This simple hobby opened up an interest in history and archeology as well as spinning, weaving and other fiber arts.


Justin Pearson will present "Mom and Pop Wrapped in Red Tape: How Unconstitutional Overregulation is Destroying Small Businesses"

Did you know that the U.S. and Florida constitutions were supposed to protect your right to pursue an honest living free from unnecessary government interference? It's true, but you would never know it from talking to small business owners. That's why many small business owners have been fighting back against the government with lawsuits designed to remove unconstitutional regulations.

Justin Pearson is the Managing Attorney of the Institute for Justice Florida office. He litigates economic liberty, property rights, school choice and First Amendment cases in federal and state court, both in Florida and around the nation. Justin was one of the lead attorneys who successfully defended the Jalali family’s Anaheim, Calif., office building against a federal civil forfeiture action, and Justin is currently one of the lead attorneys challenging minimum limousine fare requirements in Tampa as well as unconstitutional street vendor restrictions in Hialeah, Fla. Additionally, Justin has testified to the Florida Senate Committee on Regulated Industries about the constitutional implications of occupational licensing laws and has been involved in multiple activism projects on behalf of food trucks. Throughout his career, Justin has served as lead counsel in trials in state and federal courts, as well as appeals and arbitrations, and Justin has represented small business owners more than any other type of client. In 2006, Justin formed his own law practice to advocate for small business owners, and Justin’s law practice was successful for many years before he made the decision to join IJ in 2012 in order to better fight against government power gone awry. Justin received his law degree, cum laude, from the University of Miami in 2002, where he was the research and writing editor for the University of Miami Business Law Review. While in law school, Justin clerked for Miami Circuit Court Judge Gerald D. Hubbart. Justin received his undergraduate degree in business management from North Carolina State University in 1999.


Dr. Jene' Kapela will present "Leading Difficult People".

Your leadership style influences how you approach your work, how you relate to others, and how you handle conflict. Through this interactive workshop you will identify your leadership style and learn how to leverage the strengths of your style to work more effectively with others.

Jené is the Principal & Owner/Founder of Jené Kapela Leadership Solutions, LLC, a coaching and consulting firm specializing in leadership training and organizational development. She serves as a coach, consultant, and training facilitator who provides a variety of services focused on improving individual and organizational effectiveness. Jené is also an adjunct faculty member for Nova Southeastern University’s Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Jené is a certified MBTI practitioner and certified Strengths educator. She has a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and has been quoted as an expert by Mashable, Monster, Business News Daily, Women’s Day, Fast Company, and more!

Jené is very active in the South Florida community. She is a founding program co-chair and past executive committee member of Emerge Broward, a program of the Leadership Broward Foundation, and a founding steering committee member and past steering committee co-chair of the Ghost Light Society, a young patrons’ group supporting the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. She has also volunteered in various capacities with Broward Children’s Center, Special Olympics Broward, and Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale. Jené was recognized as a 2010 Leadership Broward Foundation Fun Lunch Honoree for her service to the organization and the community and a 2014 Lifestyle Media Group Up and Comer Finalist for her dedication and leadership to her occupation and community.

Currently, Jené is a mentor with Women of Tomorrow, an active volunteer with the PACE Center for Girls Broward and a member of their PACEsetters group, the Philanthropic Chair of Femfessionals Fort Lauderdale, Co-Chair of the Women Leading Broward program, and Co-Chair of Youth Leadership Broward Class XVIII. Jené is a graduate of Leadership Broward Class XXX and a current member of the Leadership Broward Foundation Board of Directors.

You can contact Jene Kapela at


Jose V. Lopez, Ph.D will present "Deep DNA Sequencing: Microbiome and Genomics Profiling of Organisms from Land and Sea".

Symbiosis is the living together of different organisms, often with a benefit to both. This phenomenon occurs across most of nature, on most living organisms, from corals to sponges to humans. Our laboratory has been focused on understanding how animal hosts interact with their microbial symbionts. To accomplish this, we have applied sophisticated genomics methods that can amplify and sequence the universal gene, 16S rRNA, that is found in most living organisms. The genetic sequences are analyzed by modern bioinformatics algorithms and software, which place them into evolutionary and taxonomic contexts. Because most microbes cannot be cultured in the laboratory, genomics methods provide the essential tools to understand complex microbial communities and their possible roles in macro organismal health and the homeostasis of broad ecosystems. This talk will encompass our laboratory's latest research within these areas, such as the skin microbiome project - and

Dr. Jose (Joe) Lopez is a Professor at the Nova Southeastern University Ocean Center (NSU OC- in Dania Beach Florida. He earned a Master’s degree at Florida State University, and his doctorate at George Mason University studying the evolution of mitochondrial DNA and its transpositions (Numt) in feline nuclear genomes. Dr Lopez then applied his molecular evolutionary training in postdoctoral appointments characterizing the Orbicella (formerly Montastraea) annularis coral sibling species complex at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, and sponge genetics at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, in Ft Pierce FL. The latter allowed him to use submersible technology to investigate deep sea sponges and corals. Since 2007, Dr Lopez’s current research at the NSU Center Excellence in Coral Reef Ecosystems Research, involves diverse projects on marine invertebrate-microbial symbiosis, genomics and metagenomics, gene expression of marine organisms, marine microbiology, and systematics/phylogenetics for placing marine sponges on a global Tree of Life ( His lab has recently initiated the novel “Global Invertebrate Genomics Alliance” (, that will apply genome sequencing of non-model invertebrate species, and Dr Lopez is also involved with the consortium of sponge biologists working on the global Earth Microbiome Project ( Overall, this research thread has resulted in over 40 peer-reviewed publications.

Visit Dr. Lopez's lab site, here: and support the research by donating here: Donors should specifically mention the following directions for where they want to funds to go: Lopez molecular genetics lab, GIGA project ( or the skin microbiome project.


Konrad Korzeniowski takes us to the heavens with his presentation, "Air Traffic Control Demystified", from the ground to flight level 450 and back.

Konrad is an Air Traffic Controller at Miami Tower TRACON. He has been ATC since 2007, spending four years at Fort Lauderdale International before moving to Miami.


Dr. Joshua Feingold will present " The Galápagos Archipelago Through the Eyes of a Visiting Scientist".

Images and stories of the enchanted Galápagos Islands highlight over 25 years of research in this remote archipelago. Endemic organisms, both on land and in the sea will be described and discussed from a unique perspective.

Joshua Feingold is a professor at Nova Southeastern University with specialized training in coral biology and ecology. His dissertation research on El Niño impacts on coral populations was primarily performed in the Galápagos Islands, and has participated in 26 research cruises from 1988 through 2012.


Photo: Roger Homefield (center) Leads the Stan Kenton Trombone Section

Roger M. Homefield will present "Musician's perspective from the Bandstand: American Big Bands", discussing: -What it was like to play in an iconic American Big Band. -What made America & Big Bands a perfect match. - The role of musicians in our society. -The relevance and necessity of "real music" to America.

Mr. Homefield's experience includes Concertmaster, Westchester, NY, All-County, Orchestra at 13. Itinerate Lead & Jazz Trombonist, Arranger/Composer for Buddy Rich, Stan Kenton, Maynard Ferguson Big Bands. Headliner Act (vocal/multi- instrumentalist) most major cruise lines & Atlantic City. Radio Host "Joe Citizen" of The Joe Citizen Show, WLVJ 1040.


Jonathon Infante-May will present " Becoming an LGBT Ally".

This engaging workshop will allow participants to explore becoming an ally for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Issues of sexual orientation and gender identity will be discussed and participants will leave with an action plan for affirming LGBT people and resources they can offer LGBT people to support them in their daily lives and interactions. All questions and inquiries are welcome as we discover together!

Jonathon May has 15 years of experience advocating for LGBT and Diversity related issues in higher education. He is currently the Assistant Director for Student Affairs at Nova Southeastern University and serves as Co-Chair for the One NSU Inclusion and Diversity Council, as well as the Chair of the HPD Multicultural Affairs Committee. His passion remains creating a more socially just and inclusive educational environment for LGBT students. — with Jonathon Infante-May.


Dr. Eddie Jitpraphai will present on "Thailand - Culture and Places".

The audience will have the opportunity to learn Thai culture from a native Thai. Meanwhile, they will also have a chance to explore many interesting places in Thailand.

Dr. Jitpraphai was born and raised in Thailand for many years until she came to the USA to further her education in 1992. During the past 23 years here in the USA, Eddie always enjoys sharing experience, culture, background about her homeland. — with Eddie Jitpraphai.


Deerfield Beach City Commissioner, Richard Rosenzweig, will present "Women in the Military" - The role of women in defending the United States.

Mr. Rosenzweig, a previous RG speaker, has considerable knowledge of military history, as evidence by his (abbreviated) bio, here:

In March, 2013, elected Deerfield Beach City Commissioner
Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization
Broward County League of Cities

JWV Post 265 Commander
Past Commander JWV Department of Florida

Temple Beth Israel President
Deerfield Beach Democratic Club Board Member

formerly Docent
formerly Historian
formerly on Board of Directors

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